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    An Open Letter to the People of Afresh Church

    I was having a conversation this morning with my wife, Andrea, and one of our worship team leaders, Jessica. We were talking about how it's a struggle for young families to get to church sometimes, especially during the baby and toddler seasons of life. And when you're leading a team, leading a church, or leading a family, it can make church feel more like an obligation and a task rather than an opportunity and a joy.As the leader of a fast-growing church where numbers seem to be a big d...  Read More...

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    The Secret of How to Get Where You Want to Be

    Most people have goals. Or at least most people have an idea of where they'd like to be - mostly somewhere ahead of where they are now. Me?   Read More...

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    8 Practical Ways to Live Like Jesus

    Context The only way to understand what Jesus was saying (or anything really) is to put it in its full context. In the beatitudes, we see Jesus teach 8 simple phrases that have similar formulas: "God blesses the (something seemingly negative or weak), for they'll receive (something good) in heaven." It seems like if we suffer a little now, we'll receive a reward later in heaven. But this isn't at all how the disciples would have understood the teaching, and it's not how...  Read More...