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    8 Practical Ways to Live Like Jesus

    Context The only way to understand what Jesus was saying (or anything really) is to put it in its full context. In the beatitudes, we see Jesus teach 8 simple phrases that have similar formulas: "God blesses the (something seemingly negative or weak), for they'll receive (something good) in heaven." It seems like if we suffer a little now, we'll receive a reward later in heaven. But this isn't at all how the disciples would have understood the teaching, and it's not how...  Read More...

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    Comparison Kills

    Have you ever been months or even decades into a work, hobby, or relationship and found yourself comparing it to someone else's work, hobby, or relationship? Although I once thought it was a good measuring tool, I'm now learning that it's one of the most dangerous things you can do to yourself, your work, your hobby, or your relationship. I was at a church leaders' conference in Atlanta in 2018 and heard Pastor Craig Groeschel say, "The fastest way to kill something great is to compare it t...  Read More...

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    The Pursuit of Significance

    So there's this random thought that often meanders its way through most of our minds every so often that turns out to be an unconquerable distraction that we chase most of our lives. The thought is, "I am not currently enough."We go to thought schools, listen to lectures, watch simulcasts, and launch concepts, ideas, and movements that are well-intended to serve a greater purpose that is supposed to bring us significance in the world. But someone else's concept is better, someone else's ide...  Read More...