Have you ever wanted a quarterly magazine, or something of the sort, for your folks to "subscribe" to? You know, something with information like the events for that season, groups they could join, classes they could take, etc. You can do that through our online store! What you do is set up a digital product and upload the PDF of the document you want folks to have. You can set the price to $0, and now it's a free product that will turn into a subscription. Here's how it becomes a subscription. With digital products, when you update or change the digital file (PDF in this case), it will automatically send the updated file to all those who have previously "purchased" it, much like an app update on your phone. And voila! You have created a digital subscription that folks can use on any device to keep up with what's going on.

Churches: Sermon Notes

Most churches waste a lot of time and money printing out sermon notes. Here's a way to cut down on that cost and time and offer a modern alternative. Create a blog on your site using our blog element. Take the sermon notes and paste them as a new post to be published a few hours before your first worship experience. This will give your members the opportunity to do all kinds of stuff: print their own notes before they come, view the notes on their devices during the service, share the notes via social media, and have access to the archived notes forever. They can even subscribe to the sermon notes with the RSS feed that comes with every blog you create! And try this - make a QR code that points to the URL of your blog, have it printed it on a canvas for $30, and hang it in your foyer! Folks coming in could scan the code for this week's sermon notes - how cool is that?

Churches: Daily/Weekly Devotionals

So you've wanted a way to keep your members engaged throughout the week, a way for you to communicate from the pastor's heart throughout the week, and a way to make sure your members are building their faith. Here's a fantastic solution: daily devotionals. If daily is a bit too much for you to handle, you can try weekly, or even 5-day devotionals. If you have multiple pastors on staff, you can rotate authors for the devotionals. This is a great way for your congregation to get to know each of them and for the pastors to be able to build their influence. You would do this through the blog element, and you could name it whatever you want. Here's the best part about this idea. When your members read these devotionals, they will share them on social media, and your audience is organically growing. By the time they visit your church, they have already been engaged and are more likely to get involved sooner. Again, folks can subscribe via the RSS feed as well.