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The Pursuit of Significance

The Pursuit of Significance

So there's this random thought that often meanders its way through most of our minds every so often that turns out to be an unconquerable distraction that we chase most of our lives. 

The thought is, "I am not currently enough."

We go to thought schools, listen to lectures, watch simulcasts, and launch concepts, ideas, and movements that are well-intended to serve a greater purpose that is supposed to bring us significance in the world. But someone else's concept is better, someone else's idea is brighter, and someone else's movement is bigger. So we're back to the drawing board of trying to create a concept that makes us feel significant, all the while missing out on the significance of the seemingly ordinary people who fill our hearts with love and friendship and life. 

What if who you already are is enough? What if your pursuit of significance is the thief of the significance you already have? What if significance is more about your perspective of life rather than life's perspective of you?

You will always be in pursuit of something. No one has ever arrivedNothing is ever enough. There is always more. Life is always lived striving for something you don't yet have. And when you get what you think you need, you will once again find yourself striving for something else. The destination is truly a mirage.

Is there a solution to this empty cycle? Yes. Understand that who you are right now is enough. You don't need to be a better you to be enough, you don't need to be a prettier you, a healthier you, a darker or lighter you, a younger or older you, or a converted and transformed you to be enough. You are enough right now, and that understanding gives you the power to be a better you tomorrow; because you're not striving to reach something that gives you significance, you're striving to reach higher because you are already significant.

That's the difference between living to earn God's love and living knowing God already loves you just the way you are.