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Matthew 22:15-22
The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by asking him if they should pay taxes to Caesar or not. Jesus brilliantly responds that we should render to Caesar what is his, since the tax coin bears his image; but we should give to God what is God's, since we bear His image.

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    Dear 25 Year Old Me

    Dear 25 year old Aaron Brewer,You're fresh out of Bible college, have some seminary under your belt and have started working part-time at a local church. You have been married 3 years, experienced 2 miscarriages, and are about to have your first child. By the way, she's beautiful, smart and healthy (though she will give you a scare with heart issues after birth that God will miraculously heal).Why am I writing you from the future?   Read More...

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    Why Are You Following Jesus, Really?

    Would you define yourself as a Christian? If so, I have a question for you: Why are you a Christian? Are you not a Christian? I have a question for you too: Why should you follow Jesus? Most of us who follow Jesus do so because we believe He's the "only way to the Father" (John 14:6).   Read More...

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